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Welcome to the web page that belongs to you: The Consumer. This site is dedicated to blowing the whistle on companies and businesses that provide anything from immoral business practices to terrible customer service. Please feel free to post your problem on this site in a fair and decent manner so that the world can hear you. Read this entire page to see the scope of our coverage.

When reviewing the cases, I will remain objective and will strive solely for a solution. An attempt will be made for the company to redeem themselves should they be found at fault in the situation. Please do not submit petty complaints. You should only use this service if you have exhausted all means toward a resolution.

Eventually I will attempt to access a broader range of resources. By this I mean asking you, the general public, for help in any way you can. Mainly for any suggestions you may have from your own experiences or if you have contacts at the business entities in question. Stay patient, assertive, and do not settle for second rate service!

At this time I will only be servicing the San Francisco southern bay area, in California, USA --- unless the business you are having a dispute with has an 800 toll free phone number or a website with customer service access. Expansion will depend on how successful this site is.

Please explore this site and feel free to either submit a problem or e-mail me your input on this site. Make sure to use the 'submit a problem' page if you will be sending me a dispute. Don't forget to sign my guest book! Also, take a look at the Links Pages to find many other useful consumer web sites.



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